Dime sales - how to incorporate into infusionsoft?

Hi. I would like to use dime sales for online digital products. This is where the price of the product is offered at a limited time for a set low price, and increases over time, or per a set number of sales. is there an integration for infusionsoft for this? if not, is there a company that does this? i am not interested in using jvzoo because they post a 5% per sale fee. i have a paypal account.

Can you link us to the website? What I found searching “dime sales” looked a bit shady.

Jvzoo.com, digiresults.com

So, what’s the deal with their “marketplace”? It’s full of spyware and broken links. This doesn’t look legit to me.



Martin. Dime sakes have been around for years. It creates urgency. Instead
of dogging the site or blog, how about you tell me if infusionsoft can do
it. If not, cool. But enough bashing shit. I asked a question, ‘can you do
it?’. I don’t give a damn what you think of the concept or other’s pages.

@Shawn_Buige, I apologize that I came off rude. I just want to make sure that others that view this site are well informed - My personal experience was quite dodgy, and may have been an exception. I’ll research your question and get back to you.

I don’t want this community known for “bashing” other products, companies or communities - that is certainly not my intent, and I apologize that I responded in such a negative way.


Martin has not bashed anything and if anyone is being rude it is you. Abusing the fact that he works for Infusionsoft is not appropriate. I however do not.

The language is not necessary and not acceptable. I know martin and he was actually trying to be helpful, not judgemental of anything. If you use links that have a negative online reputation or have improperly setup security, they will be blocked. If you generate email lists to market to and using these links to do so leads to a higher spam complaint, that could go as far as you not being allowed to use infusionsoft at all (doesn’t usually but it is possible). Martin was looking out for you not attacking you. Please do not respond in that manner again.

We are all here to help, and in fact enjoy the helping. That doesn’t make anyone a punching bag.

okay. Let me try again. Dime sales are extremely effective. I have a limited number of existing options for systems that will incorporate them into a sales page. Without anyone getting offended if I call you on the carpet for attacking competitors in the course of understanding what dime sales are, and without assuming that I am cussing at you when I have cussed during a conversation with you, how about someone actually answer my question? Which is: CAN INFUSIONSOFT CREATE A DIME SAKE OPTION ON A PRODUCTS PAGE? We can hold one another hands and sing cumbaya later


lol not a big fan of cumbya myself but you can pick the song :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To your question.

So, as I read your original question, I think you’re asking about the sales strategy, that you want to be able to start low and given specific criteria for the progress of sales, increase the price. Am I getting that right? If this is the case, I can’t think of an out of the box way for IS to do this.

There are Wordpress plugins to do this (I’ve not used them but know they exist) and Wordpress can be integrated into Infusionsoft.

I wish I knew more about dime sales because it actually sounds very interesting. If I’m not understanding what your asking correctly, forgive me, and please let me know where I’ve got it wrong. I’ll be glad to make what suggestions I do know about.

Correct. Asking if you could do it

So directly in Infusionsoft I don’t know of a way. I know it could be done with programming and integrations and that opens a number of options to you but much depends on where you want the process to start. A third party product, a website etc. My first thought was that on a wordpress site woocommerce could be used to manage the order pages while one of the plugins available for dime sales managed the sale/pricing and all of that then reflected in Infusionsoft. I know that custom code solutions could create these conditions as well.

It sounds like you’re currently checking out your options so you have an idea of what direction to take. Once you know what that looks like, I could be even more specific as I would with all these different techs myself daily.

From a high level, what I’ve mentioned thus far would probably be the most common ways to approach this though.