How to merge fields to email username and passwords to my customer list?

I need to send my customer list their individual username and passwords to access the Learning Management System (Moodle). In order for my customers to access the site they need to click the link, and then enter their unique username and ID? Basically, I need each email sent to have each individual customer’s UID and Pswd.

How can this be done? and does it require specially coding to pull the info from the custom fields?

You simply need to make sure that your storing that data in a custom field within their contact record. Infusionsoft has default User Name & Password fields (~Contact.Username~ ~Contact.Password~), but many users setup custom fields for this purpose (~Contact._MembUN~ ~Contact._MembPW~ ), since there are some systems that recommend specific naming conventions for the field.

Once you have the fields nailed down & you’re sure the data is populating to them, you simply need to create an email template & pull in those merge fields. If this is part of a campaign, you could send it out when the membership is created (most common). If this is sent after they contact you for their password, it could be done with a note template or internal form.

I hope that helps!!

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