How to make a GANTT chart from ISFT data?

I’d like to make a GANTT chart that updates automatically from Infusionsoft data so I can get an overview of where projects are at. We’ve automated the video production process with Infusionsoft tasks, but sometimes it feels like you have to dig around in clients’ contact records to find out what’s going on with each client. Would love to have a system that would see which tasks have been completed and which haven’t and organize them into a timeline overview so we can see where each client is at in the video production process at a glance in an easy visual way. Not excited about using the ISFT dashboard for this. Any help or guidance of ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

Are you attempting to solve this problem with custom code via the API?

If so, we have an endpoint that supports modifying the Tasks objects:!/Task/tasksUsingGET


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My thought has been to use webhooks to maintain an updated back end database and google charts for reporting with Gantt

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