How to link a hyperlink to a thank-you page?

I wanted to create an appointment reminder campaign. On a tutorial video I watched they linked the reschedule hyperlink to a thank-you page. But - that option does not exist when I tried. Was that option removed or am I doing it incorrectly? Here’s the video I watched: Appointment Reminder Campaign | Max Classic.


Hi Dawud,

You should be able to freely add hyperlinks to your thank-you pages.

You can set up your reschedule form on a webpage and then link to that page on your thank-you page.

I’ve had a quick read of the link you provided and I think they’re suggesting you add an opportunity to reschedule later on in one of the automated reminder emails. If you want to do this, it’s just as simple, you can just include the link to a page that has the reschedule form into a reminder email. Then set up a task for a user to manually reschedule the appointment based on the input on the form.

Hope that makes sense.


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On the new Landing Page builder you can put the URL of your booking system as the ‘target’ for the thank you page.

You can also put a button on the thank you page that links to the appointment booking.

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