How to interconnect the Referral Partner and Property Owner

Currently, we are creating Property Owner and in support of that Referral Partner which is working like parent and child, in which Property Owner is playing a role of Parent and Referral Partner is Child as one property can have multiple Referral Partner, also as it is One Referral Partner can be the owner of multiple Property. so, in that case, the Referral partner will be Parent and the multiple Property is going to be treated as Child.

And to insert such details in the server we are using below API link of Contact to create Contact and sending data to Infusion server for property Owner, also for Referral Partner sending the data in infusion server with the tag of ‘Doc’ or ‘No Doc’. So can anyone let me know how to interconnect the Parent and Child? Which filed I need to use?

Hi @Jatin_Nahar, I believe this help article should be able to guide you on setting up your referral partner program. As far as tagging, you will most likely want to use the Tag endpoint.