Need assistance on API related queries as per my requirement

  1. We have used the Contact API, but on the same time it is using multiple data information for which need support how to add them all.
  2. Please provide support to understand the workflow of API for Referral Partner.
  3. Is it possible that if Referral Partner get Register/login in our Portal and the verification will be done by Infusionsoft. Is it possible? If yes then please let us know the process for the same.

@Gulshan_Kumar I’m having a little difficulty understanding. Would you please elaborate? Let’s start with just the first one?

@mike.christianson Sure, first of all, thanks for the response. As indicated in API document we used the contact API to store and share the data with Infusion soft. while doing the same, looking into detail page of any contact you will find multiple tabs related to that user, here I am sharing the screenshot to get a better understanding of the same.

So trying to understand how can we get data for these tabs.

Hi @Gulshan_Kumar, if there are specific fields you’re curious about it would be helpful for you to post those here. It looks like there are two custom field tabs (Property Owners and Custom Fields) so those would be accessed a little differently from base fields. Are you using REST or XML-RPC?

Hello @Nicholas_Trecina, Actually we have directed to use the Contact Tag to get the data inserted into Infusionsoft system, and post using that Tag we got to know that along with Contact there is various tab as well i.e. Address, Additional info, person Notes, etc.

So we just want to know that how we can get data for (Property Owners and Custom Fields) as well. Like do we need to use another tag or is there any other option to resolve the same?

While using below parameter we are getting the basic information,!/Contact/createContactUsingPOST

And we are using the Create Contact API with these parameters:

“addresses”: [
“country_code”: “string”,
“field”: “BILLING”,
“line1”: “string”,
“line2”: “string”,
“locality”: “string”,
“postal_code”: “string”,
“region”: “string”
“birthday”: “2017-11-09T11:54:34.092Z”,
“company”: {
“company_name”: “string”,
“id”: 0
“contact_type”: “string”,
“custom_fields”: [
“content”: {},
“id”: 0
“date_created”: “2017-11-09T11:54:34.092Z”,
“email_addresses”: [
“email”: “string”,
“field”: “EMAIL1”
“family_name”: “string”,
“fax_numbers”: [
“field”: “FAX1”,
“number”: “string”,
“type”: “string”
“given_name”: “string”,
“job_title”: “string”,
“last_updated”: “2017-11-09T11:54:34.092Z”,
“lead_source_id”: 0,
“middle_name”: “string”,
“notes”: “string”,
“opt_in_reason”: “string”,
“owner_id”: 0,
“phone_numbers”: [
“extension”: “string”,
“field”: “PHONE1”,
“number”: “string”,
“type”: “string”
“preferred_locale”: “en_US”,
“preferred_name”: “string”,
“prefix”: “string”,
“relationships”: [
“id”: 0,
“linked_contact_id”: 0,
“relationship_type_id”: 0
“source_type”: “WEBFORM”,
“suffix”: “string”,
“tag_ids”: [
“time_zone”: “string”,
“website”: “string”

We are using REST API: Keap REST API

So this tells what you are doing but what response are you getting? If you’re trying to send parameters (json string) the way it is, then it probably isn’t working at all. For example, the custom fields array can’t be empty of content the way it is (there are other areas but that’s just one example of what would/should fail)

Hello @John_Borelli, To understand the request and response here I am sharing the .txt file for your kind reference.
api parameters.txt (3.0 KB)

It is working fine at our end but the providing data as in response in not enough for us. we need more data as which I have already mentioned in previous post.

A nearly identical question was asked in another post: Need assistance on API related queries - #10 by Nicholas_Trecina. Thanks