How to improve subscription with INFS using bronze/silver/gold packages?

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:Who sells subscriptions with INFS? We are about to move from one-time sales to Monthly subscriptions.:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Offering 3 levels.

Bronze // Silver // Gold

Is there anyone successfully doing this in your business?

How can I have all 3 options to purchase on one order form allowing someone to click on 1 link and see 3 purchase options?

Right now from what i can see is you can have each subscription on its own order form. so I would need a landing page with 3 purchase links on it.

:arrow_right::arrow_right:I want to be able to have 1 link that directs people to all 3 options.

:arrow_right::arrow_right: What is someone buys a bronze package and then 10 days later wants to upgrade to a gold package. how are you facilitating the upgrade and change in product?

:arrow_right::arrow_right:Any plugin’s you are using?

What I’ve done, @Ashley_Kozak is to add text via HTML code on each of (3) order forms linking to the other (2) order forms. It works extremely well. You would add the code with hyperlinking to those options in the HTML Areas tab of the Order Form and then in the Product Information section on that tab. No plugins needed for this in-house method.