How to get Internal Form submission date?

Is it possible to get the date of an internal form submission via the API?

For example, when viewing a contact via the web interface, under the Internal Forms tab, there is a list of form submissions showing Date, Form, Submitted By and Referring URL. This is a list of internal forms submitted on behalf of the contact.

We have an internal form named Company Profile. I’d like to get the date this form was submitted for the given contact via the API.

I’ve reviewed the XML-RPC docs and the Table Schema docs, but couldn’t find anything with regard to Internal Forms.

Thank you.

Not really. You could apply a tag when it’s submitted and the date of that tag would indicated when the form was submitted. That name of the tag would indicate which form was submitted. But there isn’t anything via the api that will tell you anything about internal form submissions. There’s not even a report you could pull with the search object for internal forms. There is a report for web forms and you might be able to set up a webform with the same fields and pull information with the search object of the api though.