Track User History

I’m looking to figure out how to get User History Data logged for Data cross-referencing purposes. I’ve already called IS and they didn’t know how to do it, so they recommended I ask an API Developer on the community page.

So, the kind of data I’m looking for is, for example, a history of which forms have been submitted by which individual in our organization, so that we can cross-reference those with our Excel data and our third-party booking service. Please let me know if you have any further questions about this, and even more so, please let me know of any solutions you may have for this.

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Hi @Franki_Katz,
Currently using the API you do not have access to webform information directly. However, in Infusionsoft you could do things that would allow you to track this information. For instance you could have webforms that take actions after they have been filled out to apply specific tag data related to which form was completed. Additionally, assigning the user to the contact they created/updated would allow you to see the user data. Infusionsoft does have internal webforms some businesses use for sale or leads that add the contact to a campaign where additional actions take place (tagging, emails, https post to 3rd party systems etc.) I’d suggest checking out some of these articles in hopes they provide you with the information you need.
Internal Forms
Web Form Tracking Report

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please let us know.

Hi Sterling,

Thanks so much for that! I’ll take a look into it ASAP.

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Hi @Sterling,

So, I took a look, and it only shows the forms that the clients have filled out, instead of providing the option for Internal Forms. Is there something similar that lets us take a look at who filled out internal forms?


That specific report is just for the contacts and related forms and not the user. I was hoping that’d partially meet some of your criteria. My other suggestion was to setup some tracking of your own where you could tag the contact with either both the user filling out the form and the form information. Or just assign the owner of the contact to the user filling out the form in-conjunction with a webform tag.