API - How to get email activity details?

I am trying to extract User Activity data such as calls, emails for a specific contact in Infusionsoft.
Was able to get most of the information we need except emails sent to a particular contact by a particular user.
Here’s an screenshot of the data in InfusionSoft :

I am looking for a table that could be pulled using your API that would give us the following details:
o Email Sent Date
o Email Status
o Email Sent by
o Email Sent to

There is no direct api call to retrieve email history, however, you can setup a saved search using the Email Batch Results report under Marketing->Reports and then pull the information using the savedSearchAllFields method (iSDK) or getSavedSearchResultsAllFields method using the current API (OAuth version).

Thanks John, I tried using the Saved Search approach however, the report does not contain name of the person who sent the email. Is it possible to add that as an option?

If you add the EmailSentId field in the search criteria before saving the search then the id can be used to determine that but the sent from name/email is not in the report directly