Capture timestamp of last email sent

A client would like to update en external database whenever Infusinosoft sends an email. We just need the email and timestamp.

Here are my best ideas:

  1. Create a webhook and include an HTTP POST in every single sequence (every! single! sequence!) to notify us when an email has been sent. I don’t think the client has a terrible amount of contacts (yet!), but I am considering the need for a task manager and load balancing here.

  2. Tell the client, no, a better idea is to add the Infusionsoft contact ID to the database, use it to format a link, and that data is a click (or two) away.

It doesn’t look like I can poll Infusionsoft for this kind of data (and I’m not sure I’d want to).

Is there a good way to do this that I am missing?

Thank you, community!

Hi Caleb, This one could be a bit tougher, but it seems that you have a possible tedious solution with your 1st idea. I am not sure if the 2nd idea might be a reasonable approach.

You are in a good place though, as we have a lot of resourceful minds, here in community. We will see if any of our other community members may have a similar process and ideas to share.

One of the first things I’m asking myself here is if the REST hooks trigger the contact.edit hook if an email is attached to that contact… it would help in this case if it were. You could account for time stamp but that wouldn’t give you the email itself and the api can’t just “pull” the email. It can pull a template from the legacy builder so if you know where templates are used you can “rebuild” the email using that template and populating any merge codes yourself. It cannot pull the templates of the new email builder though. Getting the contents of the email after the fact, the api does not do. Finally, if you know when an email on a contact is getting sent then the EmailAddStatus table can give you some information about the last sent, opened and clicked but again, no access to the actual email.

Oops, sounds like I used a confusing term. We need the email as in “email address”, not as in “email message”. So it sounds like I could poll here against the EmailAddStatus table. I’ll give it a whirl - thanks.