API Feature Request: Access to Form Submissions


I’d like to get access to the form submissions you can see in the contact’s Tasks → Form Submissions section.

Ideally this would include the URL where the signup happened as well as which values were passed to the form (including custom fields).

This would allow us to analyze where and how our leads signup.

Thanks, Kim

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If you can generate a report in IS than you can generate a saved search. If you can do that then you can pull the saved search results with the Data object in the XML-RPC api.

Thanks John. I’m not aware of a report that gives me access to all the form submissions and their details.

Was one added recently?

The webform activity summary and the goal completion report can both give information on the history of webform submissions. Also, if you raise a tag when the form is submitted, then you would be able to make use of the tag application report as well.

Thanks John! I didn’t know about that report.

I wish it included the page where the person signed up, the form field values and whether the submission created a new contact.

That would allow me to generate reports on how well particular pages convert. I am currently doing it through PHP script that logs submissions after the IS redirect, but it would be great to get access to historical data.

So all these items can be managed with tags. When the form is submitted (each form individually) raise a “submitted this form” tag. When a new contact is created, the add contact action set would be able to raise a tag called “this is a new contact” and the field can be added to the reports I mentioned previously with the Edit Search Criteria button under the fields tab and then save the search to quickly recall it when needed.