How to filter out certain contacts in a campaign using URI numbers

We are using Infusionsoft to help run our franchise. At the moment, we are sending out a series of videos to all of our clinic’s patients. However, some clinics decided to not send the videos to their patients. So we need a way to filter out certain clinics out of our contact list, and would like a sustainable solution rather than a one time fix. Thanks!

Part of this is a question of high level design. How do you envision identifying the ones that you don’t want to be part of the list. Infusionsoft can’t automatically know who they are so something like a webform might be an option for defining that. Infusionsoft can identify them with tags and then that would be what determines the list, but you’ll need a way to know who to tag or not tag.

We were using URI codes, but infusionsoft only allows you to select, or deselect, one.