How to fetch completed appointments only?

I am working on a usecase to fetch those customers that have a completed appointment. Here is the sequence of APIs that I plan to use:

  1. Call Keap REST API API and fetch all appointments.
  2. From these appointments, I want to find only those who are completed successfully and not cancelled or no-show.
  3. Call Keap REST API API to retrieve the contact using contact id from the appointment.

Can you please let me know how could I accomplish step 2?

Hi @Tushar_Garg, what criteria are you using to determine if an appointment was successful and not cancelled or a no show?

Hi @Nicholas_Trecina,

There isn’t anything concrete I have been able to find that would signal that an appointment is completed or not.

Is there any field in the response that I can use to identify it?


The best you can do is to query by the end date/time field, but that won’t tell you if someone didn’t no-show for the appointment.

I don’t believe there is a native way in the system to track whether an appointment was completed or not. You could add a custom field to track this information.