Event Hook for appointments verified but no notifications are being sent

Hello there,

I’ve got 3 REST hooks created and verified with the event types appointment/add/edit/delete.

However, when i create an appointment in Keap via the front end… i receive no notification at all.

I also have REST hooks created at the same endpoint for contact add/edit and those work fine.

I have one single endpoint which is designed to handle any event types thrown at it.

I have the appointments section set up with my outlook calendar in Keap, i also receive the emails from Keap confirming the appointment and i can also see the appointment in system

Can anyone help? I think Keap is not sending the notifications as if my REST hook is not verified

Good morning, Dan!

We’re currently working on migrating Appointments and merging two of our services, but at the moment appointments in Infusionsoft Classic and Keap Pro are two different entities, and only Infusionsoft Classic appointments trigger RestHook responses. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Tom Scott

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the speedy response.

No worries, do you know when appointment hooks would become available for Pro?

Do the normal get requests for listing appointments still work for Pro? I may have to resort to querying it periodically instead which isn’t really ideal as its slower and uses more resources on both sides

Appreciate your help


Unfortunately that work falls on one of our other teams, so I don’t have a lot of insight into either their workload or scheduling, and all I can say at this point is that it is work we are pursuing.

No, the Appointments APIs do not currently return Appointments scheduled in Keap Pro.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for this, revisiting this ticket as i have a customer who needs an integration of appointments between Keap and another system in order for them to be able to continue to use Keap.

The use case is that the appointments are mastered in another system and need to integrate into Keap.

Currently, when i create an appointment via the API it shows the appointment created in recent activity however no appointment in Keap Pro can be seen.

It would be good to get atleast a plan or estimate on when we can integrate Keap appointments so i can advice the customer so we can decide what the best action is

Really appreciate your support


Sorry, but unfortunately I have no timeline on that implementation.