Export appointments

I don’t see a way to export the list of all appointments of all users either through the web app or the API.

through the web app I can export all tasks but not the appointments (even if the tools seems to say "task and appointments).

through the API I’m able to export only the appointments of the logged-in user (even if I am admin and I can see everything in theory).

Can anybody help?


I could not see a way to export via the application interface either, unless I have missed something? (@Andy_Wroe / @Jeff_Arnold)

In regards to the API, I now understand what you are saying as the REST API v1 says the following “Retrieves all appointments for the authenticated user”. It seems that the API Method was not designed correctly, as it should have been designed to retrieve all appointments. Ironically the Tasks can be retrieved for all users.

Anyway, you can use the XML-RPC API to retrieve the Appointments instead.
You need to use this method: https://developer.keap.com/docs/xml-rpc/#data-query-a-data-table

The API Table you need to query is the “ContactAction” one as shown below.

As it holds other items, you need to query the “ObjectType” field to the value of “Appointment”.

Hope that helps.

That’s the only solution I know of. I truly don’t use the appointments in the system (due to this limited access), but this is the only way I know of to get in and access.

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@Pav Thank you very much!! With your detailed info I’ve been able in reasonable time to retrieve all appointments and I’m in the process of completing the migration from our previous CRM to KEAP.

@Jeff_Arnold the REST API for retrieving the appointments is incomplete and should be fixed. working with the XML-RPC API felt like dealing with tech from the '90s …

I do not disagree with you. I am a 3rd party Certified Partner, not a Keap employee, so I have no control over the configuration. I have a whole laundry list of things that I think were easier, or possible, to work with via API. :slight_smile: