Get list of Contacts from array of IDs

I need to get the list of appointments that were scheduled for the day prior then get that client's contact information.
I have a few questions:
1- Is there a flag to know if the appointment was completed so I can avoid the ones that were cancelled or no shows?
2- Can I first query the appointments to get a list of the previous days appointments, then take those contact_ids to get the contact information? Because based on the documentation it looks like I can only grab the appointment information with an ID.
3- If that is the case, then I would need to first query the client list to get a list of any client that was updated the day prior, then take each of those IDs to make a single call to the appointment call to see if they had an appointment the day before. Is that the only way of doing so?

As to the first question, No, there isn’t a flag or indicator that you can filter no shows etc from.

As to the second and third, the answer depends on what you’re using…, Keap or Infusionsoft?

I am using Infusionsoft

Ok, so then you’ll want to use the XML-RPC to query the ContactAction table, which is what holds appointment data in IBK. The third question is answered in the same way because the contact id’s are part of that table and if you need to, you can then use that to read the Contact table.

Thanks for the reply John, I’ll take a look at that. Also, thanks for your YouTube video you created! It was a major help in learning how this API works.

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