How to add use HTML code snippet

I added the html code snippet in my normal email builder ( not HTML builder)
Anything that I add in the box of HTML do not show neither in the email test, neither in the preview.

How to add the code?

I’m using wrongly the box?

Thank you


Hi Mario, It might be the type of code you are adding. Here are the Code Exclusions

What type of code are you trying to add?

Hi Amanda,

I trying to add a table because I want to have a a list with different color.



    <td> Other Areas...</td>



    <td><hr> </td>










Your ‘tr’ and ‘td’ tags must have a table tag wrapped around it

The HTML Block wont accept the table or a list since it’s considered Textarea Elements and the table could be considered a “Form” I would recommend builder the email in the HTML Builder, which will allow more coding options.

Hi John_Borelli

I have
< table >

The page is removing that part

Ohh ok

The problem of HTML builder not always show well in Outlook or Windows Mail.
The standard builder will always show well at all email readers.

Thanks anyway

Ah, I didn’t know table was included in that list…there is a way around that but maybe not here lol Good to know! :wink:

I’m curious what the HTML code snippet is actually for since it has so many types of code that it excludes. I wanted to use it to add a table with hyperlinked images that look like a Net Promoter Score survey question, but I suppose it’s getting removed because it’s in a table? Not sure what I would do with the HTML code snippet that wouldn’t be removed.