How does Keap compare with Kajabi for independent coaches/consultants? Thinking of switching

I work for a consulting/executive coaching firm, and I’ve been tasked with getting us ready to market, sell, and deliver a new coaching program. We used Infusionsoft six years ago, so I’m more or less familiar; now, however I’m intrigued by Kajabi, and I’m considering switching.

If you can tell me how Keap Max Classic has been great for you as a coach, consultant, or teacher that would be great!

If you’ve used Kajabi and you can tell me how it stacks up, even better!

For my company, I think these are Kajabi’s three biggest selling points:

  1. Simple and intuitive to use
  2. Easy to track each coaching client’s progress, regardless of what package they’ve bought
  3. Easy to host and manage content, whether text-or video-based, including “evergreen” webinars and recorded courses that can be offered and replayed on demand (including tracking who’s viewed what and tagging and segmenting contacts based on watching behavior)

Because I last used Infusionsoft six years ago, and never for (2) or (3), I’m not sure how Max Classic compares with Kajabi for these specific purposes.

If anyone has experience that can speak to that, I’d be most grateful.

Thank you!