Stay With Keap Max Classic or Move to a Different Platform

Our business model has been outdated for a few years and revenues have declined every year to the point that it will soon be too expensive to continue with Keap Max Classic at close to $500 per month. So I’m trying to figure out my options. Would a lesser version of Keap be better or should I just move to a different platform altogether?

Approx 65% of revenue is from a monthly membership and 35% is from sales of eBooks/videos of which we have about 200.

We currently use the Keap eCommerce, marketing and CRM and send out a weekly email newsletter to about 16k contacts.

I’m looking for advice and help with this. If anyone can help with an advisory role (I can do the actual work) that would be great. Thanks.


We could assist with helping you make that determination. With 200 products to sell, I think that Keap would be an awesome tool if you were to build upsell/cross-sell campaigns that would automatically be selling products to your list.

Please feel free to email me ( and we can schedule a quick 15 minute call to go over the basics of what you have and want to accomplish, then look at what a consulting engagement would look like.



Thanks Jeff, but we already have upsells and cross sells campaigns. What I’m looking for is help with deciding if it’s better to move to a lesser version of Keap or to another platform.