Features in Keap Max Classic?

We’ve always offered Keap Max Classic campaign building/management to our clients and recently one of them has been browsing marketing materials for Keap in general and brought up a list of questions about features they’ve seen advertised that I’m pretty sure aren’t available on the ‘Infusionsoft’ build.

I’ll look into each of these individually to confirm but one thing I was confused by is the set of images used on this page: https://keap.com/keap-max-classic

I don’t recognise some of these interfaces at all, particularly the one accompanying the header ‘Streamline and automate your sales process’ halfway down the page. Does this interface and functionality actually exist in Keap Max Classic?

It’s become pretty difficult to constantly shoot down the client’s requests for these Keap exclusive features but their business model is just far to complex to run on anything other than the Max Classic build.


Definitely they have mixed up the graphics on that page as its using the Pro / Max product images.

Maybe it is a marketing tactic because if they show the Max Classic interface it could drive customers away.

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