Can I use Max Classic in a Franchise system?

I will have an independent consulting type franchise business model. Do I want to add the consultants as users? Or do they need to have their own accounts? I want to use keap for managing lead generation as well as consultants. What is the best way to go about this from a franchise business pov?


That’s a complicated question to answer. It all depends on exactly what you’re doing with the software and what access everybody is going to need related to the individual systems. If you are going to be the owner of all of the contacts that are in the system, you could set up the independent contractors kind of like sales people where they only have access to their own contacts but all of the admin, automation, everything else would be managed through your corporate account.

If you wanted things to be individualized on their end, then you would want to look at possibly having everybody get their own account. You could then feed leave that come through corporate over into the other Infusionsoft accounts through automation.

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