Can I run multiple businesses in infusionsoft

Can I run multiple businesses through the 1 infusionsoft account?

@Ron_Flynn, you can but you have to be very diligent in the naming of your tags and tag categories, products, campaigns, etc. You also need to be careful with the branding of your email templates and order forms.

Know that you cannot segment the branding of opt-out pages, the email footers, global purchase actions and global Unsubscribe actions. These are just what I can think of off-hand.

In short, you can but there are a lot of gotchas.

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Thanks heaps.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

We would like to add another business to our Infusionsoft account.
This would create Contact Records which would only be accessible to a limited number users in our current business.
All Contact Record activity would be restricted to these few users.


I would like to set up multiple business accounts in Infusion so that the leads/sales can be separated by the company but the same sales reps manage all the accounts. In simplest terms, think of a call center that answers calls on behalf of multiple businesses. They operate in the same system but need to send out quotes and give the appearance that they represent each business independently. Is there a way to set that up in Infusion? If not, are there any suggestions that may get us close to that?

It’s possible and here’s a breakdown of how I recommend you go about it: