How do i record a manual payment

How do I write off a balance

If you go into the ‘add payment’ section you have the option of choosing ‘adjustment’ or ‘credit’ and make notes there.

Just be sure to exclude these ‘payments’ from any reports you are running.

Hope that helps.


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Yep, like Jeff said, adjustments, but be clear on the detail that not every report reflects the adjustment so it can cause some confusion.

Thanks for the help.

I have noticed that some of the documents that appear in Quickbooks (we link from Keap) are not in Keap which is a little concerning. Our sales come over from Keap and I generally don’t make adjustments.

In Quickbooks via a link from Keap, invoice #7592 dated 02.27.18 the amount of $9.99 for product code PDV-16-500 sold to Ashley Collins was recorded. Now when I try to find the transaction in KEAP, I can’t. I can find Ashley Collins, but there are no sales for her.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Some answers will depend on what integration you are using for QB (there are a few)?