How do I create a subscription with one-time fee?

We have an internet business where a client pays for an initial 60-day website optimization, and then pays monthly for maintenance after the 60-day period. How do I create this model? I only see one or the other in the InfusionSoft Help Center.

If you are able to create the initial 60 day product, you can configure a Purchase Action for the initial product, to create the monthly maintenance subscription order, and set it to run 60 free trial days. If this is is set up, the customer will purchase the 60 day initial product, and the Purchase Action would create a subscription at the same point, but the subscription would not charge its first payment until the “Free Trial Days” run out (60 days after initial purchase, if configured as stated above)

I always recommend being intentional in the product description of the initial product, stating that it rolls into a monthly subscription.

Thanks, James! I made the campaign. Hopefully it’s successful with what we’re trying to do here.


Lauren Remo

SEO Specialist