How can I send two emails?

After a Client completes a Form, they can receive a web-based Thank You and one person gets a notification.

What is the best method to send two emails instead? One would go to the Clients Email thanking them and providing additional information choices. The Second would come to me with their information included for a personal follow up.

I placed two sequences with emails behind the web form but the system added a Diamond and I don’t want a decision I just want both emails sent. Suggestions?

Raise a tag and have two separate email sends in the sequence to send to each of you.

Good morning John, you have used the statement “Raise a Tag” here and in previous answers in terms of an action sequence. I have used tags as labels and I don’t see how to start an action with a tag.

Could you elaborate on the application of that term as an action in more detail? I am hopeful that your input may open my eyes. Thanks again for your continued support.

@Sterling_L, it doesn’t sound like a tag is even necessary. In the sequence after the form, just duplicate the email that you already have so that now there are two identical emails side by side in the sequence. The second email just needs to change the “To” email address to yours.

You can use merge fields to pull in any data from the form that was filled out…even though going to you, it will pull in all data relevant to that contact. Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

Another option, is just to add your email in the Notification Settings for the webform. You would get a system generated notification with all the data submitted.

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Don’t specify anything in the decision diamond. Just leave them both to run.

@Sterling_L, unless you are segmenting the contacts after the form is submitted, there isn’t a need for two sequences (or a decision diamond) - you just add the email to the same sequence as the one going to the client.

Here is the solution I found that worked within a Sequence for my application. Thanks for the support.

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