How can I pass all of the billing information from my order form over to my hosted receipt page?


I am wondering how I can pass the customer’s billing details over to my receipt page so i can create a detailed receipt including all their billing information. I want to pass everything even the card type, exp and last 4 of card number. I tried using automation links in the thank you page and that didnt work. I also tried to set up a HTTP post but could not find the list of values to use that would actually translate. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you

There’s not nearly enough information here to answer.

What is your receipt page and what does it use or allow for passing information into it? Is it a third party product you haven’t mentioned?

Hi John,

Thanks for responding. I would like to use PHP to grab the information and echo them into the fields. I am more familiar with PHP than any other way but the only way I can get the info pulled is if I click the send contact details button. But something seems off with that because when I try to buy a product using new information as if I am a new customer it doesn’t grab all of the fields I filled out in the order form. And sometimes it doesn’t grab barely any info. Mind you I have purchased the product multiple times and cleared the contact profile it created every time. It’s like it misfires this way or something I dont know why. But either way I feel like I should be able to just carry the details over easily but I cant get the HTTP Post method to work.

Here’s what I put when I use HTTP Post and I get nothing.

								if( $_POST["~FirstName~"] || $_POST["~LastName~"] || $_POST["~StreetAddress1~"] || $_POST["~StreetAddress2~"] || $_POST["~City~"] || $_POST["~State~"] || $_POST["~PostalCode~"] || $_POST["~Country~"] || $_POST["~Phone1~"] || $_POST["~Email~"] )

								echo $_POST['~FirstName~']. " ";
								echo $_POST["~LastName~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~StreetAddress1~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~StreetAddress2~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~City~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~State~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~PostalCode~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~Country~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~Phone1~"]. "<br />";
								echo $_POST["~Email~"]. "<br />";

But if I click the pass contact details button to get a url string with values I can use this but all the fields dont fill out. Here’s that code… It works but I know something is off and this is not the way I should be doing it.

								if( $_GET["inf_field_FirstName"] || $_GET["inf_field_LastName"] || $_GET["inf_field_StreetAddress1"] || $_GET["inf_field_StreetAddress2"] || $_GET["inf_field_City"] || $_GET["inf_field_State"] || $_GET["inf_field_PostalCode"] || $_GET["inf_field_Country"] || $_GET["inf_field_Phone1"] || $_GET["inf_field_Email"] )

								echo $_GET['inf_field_FirstName']. " ";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_LastName"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_StreetAddress1"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_StreetAddress2"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_City"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_State"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_PostalCode"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_Country"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_Phone1"]. "<br />";
								echo $_GET["inf_field_Email"]. "<br />";

I don’t know if my answer replied to you correctly so here is another one in an attempt to notify you lol