Getting started questions for new developer... Trying to get order details and send process to another server

Are there any complete code samples that I could use to obtain order details after a product is purchased? I am pretty sure my question is the same as How to get order details after purchase

But I am not able to follow the answers given.

I am confused with OAuth and tokens. I keep reading that tokens expire and I need to authenticate them, but I can barely get 1 line of code to run.

My goal: After a specific product is purchased, I want to create an account for that user on a different system.

My needs: I need php sample code that can get the order details (product ID, product price, date, and person).

Are there any complete or more thorough code examples? I know I found some 5-6 year old code samples but not sure which php code samples are what I should be doing.

I am not sure how active this community is, nor how welcoming it is to new web programmers (I do have programming background just not much web development).

@Morty_Miles Have you seen our PHP SDK? There is a sample in there with how to connect and get a token.

If you do use this SDK, you can get order details using the following example



Regarding OAuth, I have a vid that might help: