How can I make quotes based on a pricing matrix and include automated logic?

I have a somewhat complex quote form that I have automated to about 90% in Google Sheets. We’ve used this system for several years and it does work pretty well. The issue that we are running into is keeping all the customer quotes together in one place over what can be several months or a year. Currently, we make a new spreadsheet each month and copy all of the templates and programming from month to month.

I would really like to create a more complete system from marketing to quoting to closing and future follow up. I know that I could continue to use the quote system and simply link the path to the spreadsheet tab in the customer notes. This will probably be my first step as I automate the new system.

Unfortunately, anything that can update infusionsoft from outside of infusionsoft must be done through some implementation of the api (this is how things like Zapier works).

In practical terms, quotes are not exposed to the api and therefor there is no way to automate them on any level.