What is the best Webpage Based online quote app that integrates with Infusionsoft

Hello All,

Looking for some help. What is the best online quote app that would integrate with Infusionsoft and tag as ‘quote created’

Safe to say I am a novice. I have been tasked to add a online quote feature onto our website.

So the idea is…

  1. User directed to our online order form - (Infusionsoft to tag ‘clicked on quote webpage’)
  2. User able to self populate fields with qty’s and the form would self calculate
  3. If user happy with the quote, able to create a PDF with T+C’s + Bank details included to pass onto finance team
    (Infusionsoft to tag ‘formal quote created’)

Currently we do not use Infusionsoft for the accountancy side (use Xero).

Any suggestions?