Can InfusionSoft automate a work order from an accepted Quote?

We typically send a quote for floor maintenance services through IS. Once that quote is accepted, we need to take the information in the quote and create a work order to be sent to a field technician. We’re currently using a different app (Service Fusion) to schedule and give the project info to the field tech. Is there a way to automate creation of a document - the work order - from a completed Infusiosoft quote?

The short answer is yes, it should be. What details are important to the resulting document though? Is there a format or specifics involved in it being usable for you/them on the other end?

HI john, We can adapt to format. Here’s what is critical:

  • Customer name and address
  • Contact information including phone (mobile preferred) and email
  • Service address and contact information including phone and email
  • Description of work
  • Schedule if it’s been set

There are probably other things that we’ll want to add as we move forward,but those are the initial critical ones.

So that details the data/information. Now what form is it’s destination requirement. Do they need an http post to an endpoint, a csv file or report, a specifically formatted document sent …