Invoicing to a third party

I constantly have to qoute and invoice a third party for a service. How can I do this in IFS?

ie David Jones is an insurer case. David needs a chair to assist his injury. His Insurer is going to pay for a chair to purchase from us. The insurer wants a qoute and invoice. The invoice needs to be made out to the insurer with Davids details (Name , Claim number, approval number etc) on it.

How do I achieve this in IFS without any manual labour intensive work arounds. ??

Thanks in advance

Hi Simon, if you are wanting to send the Invoice or quote to a different email address you can do that by going to David Jones contact record > Order Tab. From there you can create a quote to send

Or if there is already an order created then you can go to the order record > scroll down to send an invoice

Both options you can send to a different Email Address then David Jones.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this isn’t a solution.

The invoice needs to be addressed to the insurer with David’s details (name, claim number, approval number) also on it.

Emailing an invoice to the insurer that is made out to David won’t work. I have provided a simple example below of what is needed.


RE: David Claim number 2344892
Product: Chair cost 55 GST INC

Wouldn’t you put that information in the Email Body because you can do in both steps.

The invoice has to be correct. As listed previously.

Adding information to to the email body won’t make the invoice correct.

In this case you would want to create a custom field within the contact record where you store the 3rd party information.

Then under the
E-Commerce > Settings > Quotes & Invoices

Click Edit and click Edit for the Invoice body

Change the T0 merge field to the Custom Fields that you created to store the 3rd Party information

Hi Ive created a sample invoice here. Thanks again.


You can create the custom fields to store the 3rd Party information and then add these merge fields to the Invoice. That will display the correct information for you.

Create Custom Fields Help Guide

Thanks. Can we link an exisiting company into a custom field?

First create the custom fields

Second export your contacts with their Infusionsoft ID and Contact’s Company Field. In the Exported file add additional columns for each custom field you are creating.

Third use the “Modify Existing Records” to re-import that file and match the Company to the Custom fields and any other information.

This process would be to update the current contacts with the 3rd party but you can create a different process going forward.

Note the only way to add Company Record information into a contact record is using the Modify Existing Records.

Option - You could create a campaign and use a Diamond to sort contacts by their Company into sequences. The sequence would then use the “Set Field Value” to add that information for you

Thanks. Im going to try this today.

Part 2 of the question is qouting capacity. Can I qoute to the insurer"" with “Davids” details included on the qoute. ie the insurer approves a qoute to pay for a chair for David .