How can I add a user to my Infusionsoft account?

How can I add a user to my Infusionsoft account?
I completely different dashboard that is shown in various tutorials. There is no navigation bar.

Sounds like you have the Keap product. This is the help center that you’ll want to use:

Here is the article:

Martin, thank you for your reply. However, The article shows another dashboard again. And my screen looks like this and I can’t find the option of adding a user or sending an invitation for the user anywhere:

Hi, @Alina_Digtyar. That page is called “Account Central” and should show the Infusionsoft account(s) tied to your email address. There isn’t an Infusionsoft account tied to that email address. Did you originally sign up for Infusionsoft under a different email address? If you don’t remember, you might need to call Support.

This is what that page looks like if your email address is tied to an Infusionsoft account:

I don’t have any accounts there but I registered with my only email address. How can I connect it with my account?