Household records

I am hoping someone else has a solution or work around for me. I have many records in our system that are married couples. They want to maintain getting their own emails but when we do physical/snail mailings they only want one (and I don’t want to pay double in printing and postage). Is there a way to recognize that they are members of the same household? Does linked contacts help in anyway when I am running a mailing labels export? Is there anything with making each family household a company? Or do I just manually add tags of who to mail and what is a duplicate? Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

If they have the same mailing address, when you do the export, you should be able to use the Excel function of ‘remove duplicates’ and just remove the duplicates based on the Address 1 field.

The other option would be to somehow tag the spouse. If you are manually exporting, exclude that tag from the list. If you are auto-downloading (fulfillment list), then export your Tags. Anyone with the ’spouse’ tag would get deleted.