Hidden Field - SPAM


Recently I was told one way to catch SPAM Bots that get past CAPSHA was to put in an empty hidden field in your form. They fill them out and then you test for that.

A couple of our forms were done in HTML. When I look for the line to put in I see two different ones depending on the choice I pick for the code (styled or unstyled).

Which is the right one to use or how do I know how to advise my web person?

See examples below

HTML Code without the brackets (<>)
input id=“_Teaser” name=“inf_custom_Teaser” type=“hidden” value=“” /

HTML Code (unstyled) without the brackets (<>)
input name=“inf_custom_Teaser” type=“hidden” value=“null” /


Either of those would work. The key elements are that the name= must be correct for the field in question, the element must be hidden and the value can be either null or empty (most common is empty … “”)

Thanks John.

Did that stop all the spam submissions for you David?

Still testing. Just put it in place in one place and then some spam came through in another area where we didn’t have it. David