Hi my name is Dave Repchuk, and we are in Burbank Ca

We are new ICPs, we have been in business helping women with their branding, online presence, product positioning, and elevating their authority to reach their target market for about 10 years. (we also happily accept enlightened males :slight_smile: ) I work with my wife, Tracy Repchuk, who is the face of the company. She is a 7x international bestselling author, an international speaker who has spoken in over 30 countries, a social media strategist and a TV personality.

We have a number of products and services (digital and coaching) that could be of interest to your clients that we have an affiliate plan with. You can connect with me for more details about what we do or our affiliate partner program at 818-859-7210

Welcome, Dave! Thank for introducing yourself.

Thanks Martin. Quick question, there was a webinar today about updates to the partner program from Clay, Is there a replay of that available?