Hey Everyone! I'm Bryan Henry - new IS user

I’m glad to know there is a place to ask questions! I’m one of the people who owned IS for 2 years before I started using it. I’ve built some follow up sequences and am about to do my first campaign. I want to learn from you guys and eventually help others learn too. Thanks in advance for your help!

I own a small skincare company in Arkansas and sell to licensed skincare service providers in the US. My goal is to not be small and hope IS can help me get there!

Look forward to getting to know you guys!


Welcome, Bryan! We’re glad to have you here. We’ll do our best to help you achieve that goal. And thanks for being willing to help others. :smiley:

Welcome @Bryan_Henry, you defo have the right tool to help you grow but please do remember just that, it’s a tool, not a solution.

Make sure you have a solid strategy in place and then use the power of InfusionSoft to help implement it.

We are all here to help!! :smiley: