Help with seeing Web Profile of visitors to a Kajabi site

I’m new to InfusionSoft, and I’m trying to set up my account so I can see the Web Profile view of all site pages visited by a Contact. However, I don’t see any data for any site visitors, except for my InfusionSoft partner.

I have installed the InfusionSoft tracking code into my Kajabi sites, and I believe it is working because I see an increasing list of visitors in InfusionSoft. But I just don’t see any Web Profile info.


thanks in advance for your help.

An ‘increasing list of visitors in InfusionSoft’ does not mean the tracking is working or that it was installed correctly. I’m not sure how NKJ does it but I’m pretty sure that however it’s done, the link must be in the head section of html.

I appreciate the reply, John. My list of visitor is still increasing, so I’m hopeful. But the Web Profile is still not populating with any data for any user. I’ll keep looking into it, and seeing what I can find. Thanks again!