Kajabi and Infusionsoft Integration

Working with Infusionsoft and Kajabi and dripping product fulfillment to customers. Can Infusionsoft tags provide “access” in Kajabi to specific gated content. I have used Infusionsoft and CustomerHub in this past and this is done very easily between those two platforms.

I have not personally used Kajabi, but I was under the impression that this was the case, based on some support cases I have worked in the past. I am not 100% sure. The integration would need to be made, and if this is possible, Kajabi should see Infusionsoft Tags when creating permissions surrounding gated content. Again, I am not sure as I haven’t personally got to toy around with Kajabi.

I do not believe this is possible out of the box. It might be possible if you use Zapier, you’d have to ask Kajabi support.

NK use webhook URLs to grant access to an entire product from an IS sale through to a NK product, however then NK handles the drip by sending out emails to your clients from their email server (shockingly ugly emails they are too).

You might also want to check when drip takes place. I believe it used to be the date the person joined your entire site, rather than the the product specific date. I suspect though they have improved this.

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