Has anyone else run into Infusionsoft running significantly slower on Google Chome?

Has anyone else run into Infusionsoft running significantly slower on Google Chome? I have noticed in the last week that IS is running much slower than it was in the two weeks prior. Has anyone else run into this as well?

I have not. I primarily use chrome with Infusionsoft. I have bounced back and forth over the past couple years, as there are usually little things that pop up when either browser has a major update.

I would first recommend a full cache and cookies clear, if you haven’t already, as we have made some major updates to the software and have ran some patch deployments over the past few weeks.

Also, you will want to make sure you are on the most up-to-date version in your browser.

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Hi @Ben_Booska, I would suggest what @James_Mefford suggested for sure. I pinged Support about this earlier today and there isn’t a known issue currently being investigated about Chrome being slow. She suggested contacting Support if it’s still happening so they can open a ticket and gather all of your browser info and investigate it further.

We run Infusionsoft on Chrome as well and we’ve noticed that it’s been rather sluggish this week…even with clearing the cache and cookies…interesting. I will definitely keep track of when the down times are and open a ticket if this continues. Thanks for bringing this up @Ben_Booska so that we know it’s not just us experiencing this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will play around on my home network a little bit, and run some comparisons between the two browsers to see if I can pinpoint anything. If you do notice slowness and are able to reach out to support to open a case, they will want to run the troubleshooting steps that we have in place for when we get slowness reports.

But the fact that you are noticing it specifically in chrome is very interesting.

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yes absolutely brutal through put, not sure why so days better than others. All I can think of is traffic

Yes…and no? lol So if I close Chrome and reopen then it works better which tells me it’s specific to resources. Chrome is a resource hog and it doesn’t mind doing a lot in the background either.

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