Gmail is sorting my IFS emails into "Promotions" tab

When I create an email in IFS and send it, my Gmail interprets it as a “Promotion.” I hardly ever check my Promotions tab and I’m sure a lot of others don’t, also. What can I do when creating an email to prevent it from being flagged like this? We’ve been using MailChimp and those always went straight to “Primary”. So there must be a way?

It is best to use a “Micro” content strategy.

There are a few reasons to do this:

  1. Deliverability is much higher
  2. Higher Engagement - Shorter content hooks them and then links to more in depth content sources like landing pages, blog articles, etc…
  3. Easier to create and serves the fast paced mindset better

A cliff notes version of the micro content strategy is this:

  1. Never put more than one image in the email
  2. Do not use a header image, this is a huge red flag to email clients that it was delivered by a mail service, not a human. Think about it, have you ever seen a personal email with a header image?
  3. No more than 2 or 3 short paragraphs (again following the personal email pattern)
  4. No more than 2 links in the email (Including email signatures)
  5. Use the micro content to simply engage the prospect, hook them and entice them to click a link to learn more.

Hope this helps, if you have any further questions, let me know?

Lee Goff

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