How to get emails out of gmail promotions folder

I’ve been getting allot of follow-up emails that are going to people with a gmail address to their promotions folder and not in their inbox. Has anyone figured out a way to avoid this?

Google does not reveal all of the “rules” involved in landing into the promotions folder but what is known:

  1. Often sending a double optin email in text only (no images or html just text) will land you in the inbox.
  2. When someone interacts with an email from the sender, Google ups the value of that sender as someone that the user has interest in which increases subsequent email chance of hitting the inbox.
  3. Google seems to base most of the promotions tab placement on the users behavior, encouraging them to interact with the emails you send increases that value (which is why we recommend sending a text only double opt in request)
  4. Try different things and be sure to A/B split test them as this will be your greatest indicator as to what actually works.
  5. Other points that have an affect are the number of and the size of images and the number of and reputation of links in your emails.