Important - placing disclaimer icons within email body

I have a client who legally requires a dagger or other icon after certain words in marketing copy. For example, after the word win or purchase, they require what looks like a superscript dagger image.

I’ve been chatting with IFS customer support for about an hour. The support agent I think has been asking for help on this one, so I wanted to reach out to the community for a hopeful last minute solution.

From what I understand now, the pre-send spam check has been removed in the new email builder. Not good - but I can use the legacy builder for now if that’s what it takes.

This is concern #1. ‘Legacy’ usually means something to be phased out. Will IFS no longer offer a spam check before sending emails? This is critical for an business, I’m worried.

He also said the only way around this would be to create a custom HTML email template, however the spam checker is not available using this method.

Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to add a little disclaimer icon each time a word is used in the body of an email?
The support fellow apologized for providing incorrect information at one point, so I’m not 100% sure if there is simply no way for this to happen using Infusionsoft.

Never had to do this before. Spam check is obviously critical.

Thanks in advance

I think I would recommend the same as support by building a custom HTML/CSS template. To do it right, requires a pretty specific style and tag The only workaround I could think of is to fake it with an imageimage, but that trick would probably only work on a custom template as well.

You can check your spamassassin score using free third party tool. We discussed the best free option back in December…