Get a list of contacts with a email status

How can i get a list of contacts with a email status, e.g. all ‘hard bounces’? Is this possible with the REST-API Keap REST API or do you have a other solution for this?

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@Dominik_Klein, we do not currently have a filter on the EmailStatus of Contacts, but I can pass along the request to our product manager and see if we can get it worked in.

@TomScott, thanks for the feedback.

Do i have a other possibility to become a list like this or do i have the possibilty to trigger a action to a external system if the status was changed for a contact in infusionsoft? I see something like “post actions” in the actions? Is something like this possible?

If the product manager agree to add something like this, how long do you think is the time range for this?


Yes you can do this with the api using saved searches. Goto Marketing->Reports. Edit the search criteria to only include hard bounces. When you have that list click save and give it a name. Having done that, you can call that saved search to get you realtime data results for hard bounces with the api’s search object’s savedSearchAllFields method.

But not with the REST API or?

REST is still in development and does not yet have that functionality. However, the oauth token you would use for REST is also valid for use with the api.

Although, if you used email status automation, you could raise a tag when someone hard bounced and then you could use REST Webhooks to capture that tag getting raised and act accordingly.

Do you have list, with all events which are available for the REST Webhooks?

Or what do you mean with the tag for email status? Can i add a action which add a tag to a user, if the email status was switched?

The REST interactive IO docs have a List Hooks Event Types call that will give you currently available hook triggers:!/REST_Hooks/list_hook_event_types

Ok, i have the list:


What do you think is the best event? I don’t see something special for status or tag add? Or do you mean that i should use contact.edit and check if the user hast the tag assigned? And how can i add a tag automaticlly after a hard bounced?

The one you would watch for tags is contactGroup.add.

Tags are called Groups in terms of parlance (hold over from the original table designs). So all of your Groupxxx.xxxx triggers involve tags.

In General in understand the idea and i think it can work, but how it is possible to add automatically a tag to a contact if the email-status is changed to opt-out or hard bounced? I found only somehting for email status opt-out.

You have email status automation that can trigger that for you.

But i see only something for the stastus opt-out in the actions sets, but not hard bounces or i am in the wrong area. Do you have a link to a documentation or maybe can send me a screenshot or short description?

It’s there… you can cover just about any email response using automation (see image of how we are setup)… goto Marketing->Settings

I have some progess, but now i have a 404 in one REST-Call, i think the API ist broken here:

As response i get a “404 Not Found” and some HTML-Code from a infusionsoft page.

So either the token has expired or the hook with the id 22 has been removed or invalidated.

No the token works and with the list method i get a correct result…

ah ok, i see my fault, it is “hooks” and not “hook”, so my fault…

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One additional question, is it possible to change the email status with the REST API? Or is it possible to add a action, which will be triggered if a tag was added to a contact?