Generating a link to update credit card info

Is there a way to send a link to a client to change credit card information (I don’t mean automatically send an email when payment fails or card expires.) If a customer needs to change their credit card number before it expires, and they have not had a failed payment, is there a way to send them an email with the ‘update credit card link’?

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Yes, but it’s not 100% automated.
You can create an order form with a $0 product. This will give them the ability to ‘buy’ the $0 product by entering their CC info. That will provide you with an updated CC that you can use.

Then, create a campaign that sends you a notification when someone ‘buys’ a $0 product. Then, go into their record and assign the new CC to their existing subscriptions.

The important part is notifying yourself to go in and apply the CC, because it won’t happen automatically.

Please lmk if you have any additional questions.


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It use to be that you could enter a password on their file and send them a link to update it - apparently since KEAP took over you can longer do that?