"General error" patching Company

More internal server errors…
I’m patching a company with something very similar to this (names and emails changed):

    "line1":"A Street",
  "company_name":"The Company NV",
    "someone@somewhere.be; someoneelse@somewhere.be;yetanotherone@somewhere.be",
  "opt_in_reason":"Is a Partner",
  "custom_fields":[ ]

The response i get is {“message”:“General error”} (and http response-code 500).

Maybe it’s the blank region. Or the multiple emails. Or something else. I’ll figure it out by trial and error, but if anyone at Infusionsoft is reading this, would you please look into improving your validation end errorhandling, and provide more meaningful errormessages?
And maybe be more liberal in what you accept - for instance the restrictions on ‘region’ are very

  1. awkward to work around when implementing integrations with other systems which does not impose identical restrictions.
  2. even more so when the restrictions are not well defined in the api documentation.

Hi @Claus_Nielsen, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. I dug through the logs and it appears that it is being caused by your use of multiple email addresses in the email_address field. There is validation around this field but it misses the case of multiple email addresses. I will add a ticket to our backlog to address this issue in the future.