Error -- company name must not be blank

Hello. We have an application recently throws “company name must not be blank” error. We didn’t have this problem before.

It seems the company field in the general information section in contact form is required when using api. We are using infusionsoft .net SDK from eventday. GitHub - EventDay/ A C# Wrapper around the API

Is there a way we can leave it blank?


We are also experiencing this issue and looking to Infusionsoft for explanation as to why the company field is now suddenly a required field when saving a contact. As of now, anyone trying to save their profile in our system that do not have a company are not getting their information saved in Infusionsoft. This is a concerning issue for us. We are using the PHP ISDK although I think this is NOT an SDK dependent issue.

We also saw this issue last week, using the XML-RPC API via NovakSolutions SDK. I would REALLY like to get an answer from Infusionsoft on this.