Company fields on the contact record

I’m working on an integration for a client. All of their contacts are setup with a company name in the company text field. but nothing in the company picker.

However, when I use the REST API to get the contact data, I can’t find the company data that is populating the textbox on the above screenshot.


The normal company api field remains blank unless i pick something from the picker on the infusionsoft site. I really don’t want to have to go in and set each customer’s company in the picker. Where can I get what it is pulling into the first text box (highlighted) on the first screen grab?

There are two company fields and it can “look” confusing but here’s the run down. The one you have highlighted is the company name. It can be set as a text value if the company record isn’t assigned. The one you see below it is a reference to a company record. That record may or may not be present and is not associated with simply by providing a name, it must be by the company record’s id value.

So, in your json record you show, the company, when assigned as a record and not just a name, will look something like this:


When a company is not assigned, there isn’t a DTO to return back as part of the object so you won’t show it returned.

Right, I get that. But there is obviously a value somewhere that holds the “Company Name” as you refer to it. It makes no sense to me that this “Company Name” isn’t available via the API, just like any other piece of data on the contact record.

So if you’ve got an account that was populated with thousands of contacts, but all of them only have the “Company Name” set, and not a reference to the company object, are you telling me it’s a manual process to go in and set up each one so that you can access such a simple piece of information?

Hi @Jeff_Turner,

So I can certainly agree in principal but I’m not surprised that not every last field makes it over … yet. There are more I’m afraid. And there are others that were not previously available…go figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think they will be updated as REST continues to get built upon, in the mean time, if it’s super important to a project, there is still the option of reading directly from the contact or company tables using the api?


is it possible to set the company name (the single text field) with the REST API or is this not possible at the moment, because it didn’t work in my tests.

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I was unable to access the company text field via the REST API. What we wound up doing was doing a mass update to populate the company object on the contact record and then accessed the normal company object that is available via the REST API.

Has this field been made available on the REST API yet or should I just use company records?

You will want to use Company records via REST, instead of the plain-text field.

Ok thanks