Company Names against a contact

We are adding companies and contacts via the API. Contacts via the REST api using the Company Name and ID for example:

“company”:{“company_name”:“Luke Fribbens”,“id”:80526}

Can someone tell me where the name “No name” in the screenshot below comes from please?

I would have thought this would have been the name of the company?

We have renamed Companies as Investors in our platform.

It looks like that may be a bug; I have a ticket logged for it now so that we can get a fix in.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

That comes up when there isn’t a value for name to display. So if investor is a label for the company field, then the company record name field I would expect to find empty.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. So when adding or modifying a contact via the REST API, what additional company details should be added other than:

“company”:{“company_name”:“Luke Fribbens”,“id”:80526}

Actually, due to REST still being developed, that may not be the best approach (though it normally would be). Try using the Company endpoint to first create the complete company record and retain the id. Then, when you create the contact, use that new company id.

Hi John,

Yes that’s exactly what we do. We add the company using the xml-rpc and then we use that ID to as the company ID when we create the contact using REST?

Have you tried removing company name and just providing the id? Not sure if that would work but it would be something I would normally attempt to find out?


It looks like the REST API has just been updated actually as there are a number of fields that are no longer needed such as:


Noe we have removed these the company name is working correctly.

Yeah, @mike.christianson is posting an announcement about it.