GDPR Tickboxes & Infusionsoft HTML Inegration with ThriveThemes

Hi there,

This post might be a little bit jumbled as it’s a tricky question to get across.

If you go to this page: and click on “Download Free Guide Now” button you will see I have integrated an Infusionsoft webform into a Thrive Theme using the HTML integration.

I have TWO tick boxes

In Infusionsoft, when I create the tick boxes, the labels I have to give it are VERY LONG.

I am currently integrating with Thrive Themes.

My inital support question to Thrive was along these lines:

"When I test my webform on Google Chrome (I haven’t tried other browsers), and when I tick the required tick box, instead of being redirected to my thank you page, I go to the Infusionsoft error page instead that says I have not ticked the box.

This is the same problem as before, only last time… the error was happening on my Smartphone.

Now, it seems to be happening on Google Chrome."

The problem now seems to be when I use my iPhone that I get this error.

So, really I’m looking for a way to get the tickboxes on my webforms with shorter labels, but so I can display the same info on the webform.

Thrive Themes then replied with this: ""Thank you for contacting Thrive Themes Support Service and for your patience!

Our developers investigated this issue and it seems that the Lead generation
element is not redirecting well the checkboxes should have a value of 318
and 320. We’ve changed the values and it’s working/redirecting as the other
page. All of this was tested on the desktop.

For mobile redirecting, unfortunately, we couldn’t do many things. The forms
don’t send the value of the checkboxes to Infusionsoft. We recommend in
this case to edit the HTML code in Infusionsoft so that the checkboxes inputs
name shouldn’t be so long.


So, I am posting here to see if you know how I might fix this?

I need to have the checkboxes and text on my webform.

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Let me know if this is something you feel you can help with.

Many Thanks